The best way to celebrate Christmas is to share a gesture of love. In these uncertain times, we must more than ever be empathetic and support those who need it most. For this reason, we have decided to support Casa

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017

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Another great year has passed in company of friends, clients and collaborators. We feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to share with and be inspired by so many talented people.

Owen Foundation Video

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We had the tremendous honor in producing a video and various photos for The Owen Foundation in Mexico City., which has developed a program of “Rehabilitation without Pain” using assistance dogs in physical rehabilitation for children and young people with

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iPhone’s panoramas

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“The best camera is the one you always have with you.” Panorama photos taken during my last trip in France.

Feliz día de los Muertos!

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It is a big celebration in Mexico. The relation of Mexicans toward death is really interesting. Seems not to be an end in itself but rather you get a sense of “continuity”, a celebration of  passed loved one.

Jazz session

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Vintage shoot on the theme of Jazz, ones of Jean favourite music!

Photographer of the month … Nasa

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Recently, Venus passed in front of the sun. The NASA realized some photos from one of his satellite. The resulting images are quite incredible and aesthetic.

Monsters by Gareth Edwards (movie)

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This week end, I had the opportunity to see the movie ‘Monsters‘ (2010) by director and writer Gareth Edwards.

Once in a while, you come across a photographer, whose work touches you. It is definitively the case of Phil Toledano‘s photograph.

From At the end of last year, a French-language web site called La boite verte (green box) posted a series of extraordinary mug shots of criminals or crime suspects taken by the police department of Sydney,

Merry Christamas and Happy New Year!

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We wish you the best for this holiday season, full of love and harmony. And a Happy New Year 2011, let it bring you success and health. Cheers!

Back to work

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Just got back from vacation to my homeland. Lots of family, friends, FOOD and WINE. Oh God, that I missed it. Obviously, I did travel with my camera (the lightest version of it anyway!) and snap a few frames. Thought

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Photography with a purpose

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