PhaseOne invited me to give a webinar titled “A photographic journey between artistic and commercial projects with Jean Bérard” about my work for its global spanish-speaking audience. PhaseOne is most probably one of the finest professional camera makers there is.

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Abstraction Expo

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Jean BérardLyon, France, 1974. Jean Bérard’s recent photographic works focus on the exploration of two major traditions formally embedded in contemporary photography and art: abstraction and landscape. However, this exploration goes beyond the merely-formal conceptualizations: in its search for meaning,

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Gallery Studio Opening

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It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the opening of Jean’s Gallery Studio. An exclusive space located right in the center of Mexico City. Conveniently located in the San Miguel de Chapultepec district, the gallery studio is right in

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Genesis Serie

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What are the possibilities of addressing scientific issues such as the origin of the universe, planets, and life on earth through photographic poetry? Genesis 1, 2, and 3 are the series resulting from the author’s pursuit to answer this question.

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Aerial shots

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This is a project we realised recently. High rez aerial shots of the surroundings of Mexico City. A unique perspective of beautiful places like Nevado de Toluca, la Marquesa, etc. Those photos will be available soon at Gallery Stock, our syndication

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With great pleasure you are invited to the group exhibitions of the winner’s at the Prix de la Photographie de Paris 2014, where we are fortunate to participate.

Expo in Guadalajara

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Some portraits taken by Jean will be exposed in a group exhibition at the Tiro al Blanco gallery in Guadalajara. The exhibit is called “Human condition” and will be featured till the 17th of September 2013.

Fine Art print in Brazil

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One of my Fine Arts print from the Vintage hat series found a new home in Brazil.

Weightless serie

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Just updated our fine art portfolio with the new serie titled Weightless.

Liquid Glass project

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We love liquids! It is so chaotic and unpredictable.